A monster in four pieces, fantasy story and contemporary art

We do not know whether is this a natural force, monster, machine or hybrid of all of the above, it is difficult to accept the existence of this phenomenon. In the World of Fantasy – the few who know – with awe and whisper talk about this monster (we call it that way) and the threats that come from it. Wizards say that the monster lived before the Big Bang and the beginning of the universe and worlds known to us, it was powerful and it was evil. No one could oppose him, only one united four unknown heroes (read the Gods) and dissected him into four parts. Monster parts are fast, without knowing others, hiding in secret places, secret dimensions, for them into a far-reaching future, buried in a deep subconscious of a poor victim or who knows where. After that heroes had swallowed time and forgetfulness, it also disappeared the world before the Big Bang. Maybe this monster to somebody look harmless and the story incredibly tense, especially the fact that the monster can revive (classics!?) if the four torn parts are rejoined. I do not know how many truths there are in what wizards say, but I claim our knowledge is very modest, and the world is changing faster and faster. I did not find any good arguments against the wizard’s claim.


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