Princess with coral reefs one illustration by oldboneart

Once upon a time lived far away king who got a beautiful daughter. The news of her beauty and she was still a child, spread quickly through the underwater world, various rulers

Princeza crtež od Kost Koža

and dignitaries constantly came seeking her hand in marriage of the king, when the princess grows. The king sent the princess with a company of bodyguards on the coral reef, saying:
The rulers and nobles we constantly bother asking for your hand, it can impair your youth and beauty. These bodyguards will keep you until greeted your Prince. Enjoy the purest water of the underwater world and grow, I will choose and send the best prince on the coral reef that builds up your own kingdom.
It is not known whether the king something happened but years passed and the prince did not come. Princess no one could approach because the bodyguards expel anyone gets close to a coral reef. Princess was impatient, sometimes angry then sad. In the end, in her is encased a melancholy who sipping fresh of face and body. Speeches some traveling singers of old songs that are opened the portal, the gateway to another world in the coral reef. Is that true, what kind is this other world it remains to speculate.



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