Do not travel through the forest at night, one short story

It was dusk when we approached the old forest on the way to our house. Wizard Cirilo Bum went down the road who led into the woods and headed a small path across the field, it was a long and circuitous route to our home. I followed him but I told him:
– I’m tired of walking, the path through the woods faster and before they came to the goal.
– Many times a faster way to goal is not the best – answer me old wizard – In the World of Fantasy never travel in a dark forest at night. Each night has its own might, each forest has its pitfalls and secrets, if the dark woods, darker dangers hiding.
I thought viciously at that point that Cirilo boom is not as a powerful wizard when afraid to walk the dark forest at night. As if he knew my thoughts, he continued to say:
– Be smart and implement the correct knowledge is more powerful than an empty magic. A wise man when can always walk the sunny side of the street wants to learn how to provide enough light around him and in itself. Not even the biggest do not know all the energy affecting them. To what give a chance some darkness to enter into a hidden part of our subconscious? There are many people who live with a dark dot in itself and that they are not aware of them, she slowly but surely corrupts.
I was tired from a long walk and I did not listen carefully to the words of the old Cyril because they are to me sounded like a cheap philosophizing. I walked morosely, the most important to me was to get to the goal as quickly as possible.

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