Mr. Pencil is hiding, story and illustration art – for sale – by oldbone

Mrs. Bibibi forbade her husband, Mr. Pencil, to buy tobacco and smoke. It is a known fact that Mr. Pencil, the unsuccessful artist, does not make money for living expenses and slowly takes action that could change the financial situation in that interesting marital community. Mr. Pencil, dreamer lost in pliers from real life, a smoking ban is hard to sit on his misunderstood, artistic spirit. People close to Mrs. Bibibi and Mr. Pencil believed that Pencil would look for any paid job, but those expectations were only in the domain of fantasy. Mr. Pencil when, somehow it comes to a cigar, hiding in dense vegetation and secretly smokes there. That’s the only answer to smoking ban that can be expected from Mr. Pencil.

A 3 format


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