Art Gallery assheads of the World of Fantasy, with a story about the King of the Dwarves, outsider picture

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It’s always fun to come to the Art gallery of the assheads, marginal artists of the World of Fantasy. Today I have seen the picture you are looking at, it made me interesting, as more people worked on it, not considering the picture as a whole, nor the work of its predecessors. Then, out of a large cardboard box, an old man came out and came to me. There were two big holes in the box, so I realized that the guy was looking at me from the box for a while.
– Do you like the picture? – he asked. His eyes, red from lack of sleep, staring at me. On the old clothes he wore on himself, there was a stain of color.
– I was impressed with – I said cautiously, knowing the unpredictable nature of people who deal with art – Did you do it?
His face was stretched into a smile, a few teeth that he had left, flashes from the mouth cavity.
– Yes – proudly erect his chicken breast an old man – Inspiration wore me all the time!
He looked at me with a look that required my other questions about the image, need to tell any story, to anyone, about his work, was in it taut like a catapult.
– What inspired you? – I ask the old man, and he barely welcomed the question and said:
– Last week I was visiting my friend Jergon, the King of the Dwarves.
(His statement that the mighty King of the Dwarves his friend was so incredible, that it must have been true. Assheads usually have unusual life stories.)
“It is well known to you that the dwarves appreciate their privacy, keep their place of residence confidential and may be ruthless if you disturb them. As a friend of Jergon, “the old man says,” I have surely passed the territory of the dwarves. As I approached his home, I noticed more and more than the vicinity of his underground apartment – in the old roots – was edited by the gardening techniques of the dwarves. Dwarves worship their king and their nature makes them do something for him every day. For example, to clean the weed and planted rare plants and flowers around his house. Some day they polished the old root under which the King lives. So the environment of his house went out completely artificial, unnatural. The king is angry because he now has no privacy, his home has become like a public park, sweet hide, dear dwarves, was taken away from him. He told me. “Dear friend, if you think it’s nice to be a king, you are not right. Everything has its own price.” This visit inspired me to paint this work. –
I nodding my head as if to understand how much potential was in that situation, so inspiration was a natural consequence.
– Art freedom is expressed here – I said to the old man – maybe with the King of the Dwarves, on it, the picture was even more effective.
The old asshead looked at me strictly and asked:
– Did you see the King of the Dwarves?
“I did not even see an ordinary dwarf,” I admitted.
The old man looked at me for a moment or two with a disappointed look, then he turned and entered the box.
I felt a look from the box on my back as I left the gallery.


Day of Holiday in the World of Fantasy, abstract art with a short story, naive outsider artwork

The freshness of morning withdrew in front of the warm rays of the sun.
The Wizard of Cirilo Bum and I came to the High Meadow, one beautiful gazebo, where we planned to spend a day off.
– Only those who work hard and get their work done, fully enjoy all the pleasure of a vacation – said the wizard Čirilo Bum. I did not answer him, my life plan was to work as little in life, for that reason, I have taught for the wizard at him.
By the time we took the time to see the water that emerged from the earth, in the air she created a form of grapes and spirals of various colors that had disappeared in the unknown. The Ghosts of water had fun, trying to show each other their skills.
We chose a place on the edge of the High Meadow for our accommodation, where we could watch the landscape: meadows and forests scattered to distant mountains of dark blue. Above us were an old, large yew tree as created to keep us from the strong sun and the negative energy.
Below the meadow was stretched by which a dozen young dragons rode along and across, skillfully changed the direction of movement and twisted with their long bodies, they played hunting. Hidden in the crown of a large oak tree near us, pointed snake watched their game with their big green eyes, but I noticed that she quickly dropped into sleep.
Then I remember that I did not do some important jobs yesterday, Čirilo Bum will definitely see it when we get home. It spoils my mood a bit, and I pulled out of the baskets a few of the dried sausages that the old wizard worked so well. Full stomach I always better mood.
– There are rare opportunities to see the Big Redbeak – suddenly spoke Cirilo Bum – bird right now wants to snatch egg. I stared for a while around so Čirilo Bum says: I said Big.
And indeed, I find him so big that several other creatures sought accommodation in his body.
Cirilo Bum spent almost all day hovering in the crown of the old yew, napping with a satisfied look on his face. Every time I was constantly tortured by the fact that I would have to listen, a critic of the old wizard, when we come home because of my unsolved tasks. My nervousness I softened so that I ate all the food from the basket.
Late in the afternoon, we went home, from the trees they began to descend some new, hitherto unseen beings in search for food or night hideout. Spirit of water was gone, but a good part of the way, perhaps from curiosity, we were followed by other inhabitants of the World of Fantasy, were to me welcome companions, I took my thoughts with them, to the house. A 3 format

Visit of creatures from the unknown, an abstract picture with an unusual story, outsider art

On the planet Earth many scientists who listening with radio telescopes universe in the desire to discover, among other things, other forms of life. We, the inhabitants of the World of Fantasy, know that there are many species of beings living in parallel universes, times, dimensions, and we’ve been in contact with them for a long time. The world of fantasy uses many developed forms of life as a portal, a passage between different worlds and levels of existence, since the World of Fantasy is the ideal structure to travel anywhere, just need to know where you want to be.
I was a little boy when I first met a creature outside of my World, while I was killing boredom eating biscuits, one night in my room. First I heard a quiet knocking at the door, a moment two later, through the keyhole it starts to slowly pass through the phenomenon you see in the picture and spread all over the room, changing colors and shape in a quiet rhythm. We stayed for a while, studying each other and no matter how hard I tried, I could not see where the head, the eye, or some other part of the body was.
– In vain you effort – then I hear a voice from somewhere – why do you think life should exist solely in the material body?
I ask him what kind of appearance he is if he has no body and from which the world comes.
– I’m traveling, and what you see, is my home, and I – said the voice – a universe with many stars and various beings. You should understand to some creature is fantastic and unimaginable what the other being is known fact, everyday reality.
I try again to see a star in that weird form, or at least – what shape, what color, could be a galaxy or a planet. My reason was looking for in that life form only one logical point to be accepted.
– In vain you effort –  – said the voice from somewhere – because what you’re watching is not really me. Your eyes and your mind are not able to see my true character. Because I came here, for you, from the unknown.
Then, that form of life went to the keyhole, and like a long, thin worm coming out, without greetings, through her. There were only questions left in the room, unusual even for the World of Fantasy.apstraktna abstract, painting, slikarstvo, outsider, naive art, naivna umjetnost

There is nothing new, an unusual outsider story with a strange illustration

For years she would pass us silently like a shadow, that old woman – I think Juliana was her name – she lived at the end of the street in a cottage surrounded by willows. Someone said that she had been madly in love, and abandoned, of a young man which has no other story. How many women, so many hearts, after the rupture they say that her heart is shrinking, like a little water in the sun, quickly evaporate her youth, just dry mature age and old age, lasted.
I met Simon’s neighbor yesterday, salute him and ask: What’s new?
“There’s nothing new,” he says, and he goes on: Yesterday the old woman died from the end of the street, you saw her occasionally, pale, dry and small. She went out into the street, put on makeup, stood in the middle of the road and stood upright, looking toward the west. In the middle of her forehead the hole opened and from the hole, a bright light blazed.
An eyewitness claimed that her face contorting, she fell silently on the ground, one life is extinguished.
– Enlightenment a moment before death? – I ask.
– Probably so – confirms Simon.
Various forms of enlightenment are a common occurrence in the World of Fantasy. And this cognition of the enlightenment old Juliana will remain secret for tireless seekers of mystical and other truths.

– So, there is nothing new – disappointed I concluded.

mala There is nothing new, an unusual story with a strange illustration

About the Big Bang, outsider illustration with fantastic story

big bang art fantasy story outsider contemporary

When would we here made a statement scientists from the World of Fantasy about the Big Bang, the beginning of the creation of the universe has never happened, and that the universe has always existed, this claim would be with the scientist from Earth welcomed with derisively. Such opinion with the Earth we, scientists of the World of Fantasy do not wonder, because limited human minds do not accept the existence of The Huge organism, who continually creates new Universes through his digestive tract. Even if we endorse these words with indisputable proofs, human beings would never accept the fact that they were created (as well as their universe) from the product thrown out of the anus. There was a Big Bang, a splash of the Huge organism.

The emergence of creatures from fantasy, outsider art, weird story

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The inhabitants of the World of Fantasy are best acquainted with the fact that with imagination they can a world in which their material body exists, to adapt to their desires. Within imagination is the power that enables everyone to gradually change the world around. It is true that those who claim that imagination – just like any other magic – a great unexplored area that the traveler offers a lot of abundances, hidden secrets, and surprises. The open mind will allow me to say here that the imagination is energy that lush by force and ability, we can imagine it as a mega honeycomb, which exists and vibrates through space and time, constantly fed by the imagination of many beings in their cells, imagination is the creator of everything from personal and local environments to inter-space relations. It is also worth pointing out another feature of imagination – fertility, birth. Even the scientist of the wizard logically accept that imagination, (our mind incomprehensible wide and capable energy), the immanent ability of birth – which makes imagination a living being – so imagination creates new creatures that, randomly or not, move through the mega honeycomb, through the spaces of imagination. Those who imagine for any reason, let them hear the advice from the World of Fantasy: if in your imagination, or fantasies, enter something you did not imagine or expect, say hello and get to know this creature. Probably brings you something new cognition, the knowledge that you need at this point. That creature did not come in your imagination by chance – nor in sleep.

The influence of classical music on the night butterflies, outsider drawing

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