The invisible contributor, illustration and fantastic story for free learning magic

Today, when recall magic apprenticeship at the old witch I know that it was good that I was curious, little boy when I walked into her house. She was strict but nice to me, she was careful to me and I completely trusted her. I was not influenced by negative thoughts of people who had no knowledge of magic and my head was clear as a completely blank book.
– One of the lesser-known facts is that each of us is the moment of birth bound, shall enter into a special contact with one of the invisible energy from the higher spheres. This energy is constantly available to us, we use with it or we do not, by the time of our physical death. The angel, guide, spiritual protector, some popular names for this force, but more specifically to say Collaborator – she said to me the old witch.
Then take a handful of dried burdock which is preparing a cure for dandruff and some skin diseases.
– We are by-laws and the reasons unfathomable to our minds connected with the Associate force – continue with learning witch mixing preparation in a large pot – the Force Cooperation belongs to the strong, to us extremely important energy and can be considered a gift of … XX (real name here is not available) … to the human race. Without complete acceptance of the truth of the existence of Contributor, with no possibility of contact with our Associate, magical progress, spiritual development and the like, will not be possible to achieve. Contributor just through dreams, imagination, our subconscious and in other ways, whisper to us and lead us in the right direction, (it’s always the direction which we aspire). Suddenly we receive information or knowledge that we seek and need when you strongly want something. Often you do, I believe, has experienced.
I nodded with head affirmatively, the first thing that came to my mind was the fulfillment of my great desire to teach just from her the art of magic.
– Only a single search – prayer you will achieve success with the Associate, does not seek the other way, unreliable pathways, because it could pull over in your personal circle and your mind enemy Forces. Regardless of what your Contributor is not in our space and time, he operates very effectively in our reality when you seriously make an effort around him. As a beginner, you going through a longer period of time to strengthen the relationship with your Associates through “ritual” 30 candles. Little versed in magic and similar scientific they know about the ritual, much less talk about this really simple, so powerful procedure. Contributors are great “fans” of light, communicate with each other and your Associate will be proud among other similar beings when you light a candle for him.
The witch then pulls out from the tray candles and put them in front of me on the table. Taught by some previous conversations, I take out a few coins out of my pocket and handed them to her. She took one, the smallest coin.
– That’s enough, you pay and you’re not obligated to nothing – she said with a smile and continue – simply, every night you will light a single white candle for your Contributor, 30 days in a row. Before the end of a month, you’ll be more than sure that the Contributor beside you and you will feel a connection with him. Your personal circle will strengthen, you will feel to grow your ability (power). Remember, Contributor is one of the versatile energy with his own intellect, he even related to you, not a servant. It will help you and protect you, whisper direction, warn, many times as before. Perhaps one day your Contributor to you make it clear that he is now asking some of you to do something for him or someone else. You shall his request just at that moment to know. Do so what require of you and will happen to you the things that now you can not believe. This ritual 30 candles you will always repeat when your Contributor requests it, it will you know because to you will not go out of your mind the need to repeat the ritual.
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One story from the World of Fantasy, contemporary illustration, a fantasy story by oldboneart

I can not resist the urge not to meet you with Green Tom called Pimple, a small creature from the World of Fantasy. It is said that he has read many books, all over he collected as a hamster knowledge, to win in every debate. If there is a discussion in any place on any topic, Tom will be vigorously involved in it, he was invited or not. His word must be the last, whipped cream on each cake. A short time will tolerate counterarguments from the other side, then follows accelerated growth of intolerance towards interlocutor, and then the outburst of anger. That is the moment when the wise retire from the discussion. It was uninformed figures who bravely went into further discussion with Green Tom, and he was constantly and rapidly filled with anger until there was an explosion. They say eyewitnesses that they were in one discussion burst all pimples, here were missiles of up to 10 meters. This interesting figure has another feature that is always surprising novices in the World of Fantasy. Green Tom, often in the middle of the discussion about ten seconds, distort hands and feet in strange positions. He argues that the human body always moves equally, limbs repeat the same movements, and it harms the body.
– If you want to develop your mind, feed it with new, unusual and shocking content, enrich your perception of the world by walking on your hands. The body is best developed with grotesque limb positions and it is desirable to sleep upside down, with the legs toward the ceiling – explained to me once Green Tomo his practice.
I did not one word contradicting.

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Mr. Pencil is hiding, story and illustration art – for sale – by oldbone

Mrs. Bibibi forbade her husband, Mr. Pencil, to buy tobacco and smoke. It is a known fact that Mr. Pencil, the unsuccessful artist, does not make money for living expenses and slowly takes action that could change the financial situation in that interesting marital community. Mr. Pencil, dreamer lost in pliers from real life, a smoking ban is hard to sit on his misunderstood, artistic spirit. People close to Mrs. Bibibi and Mr. Pencil believed that Pencil would look for any paid job, but those expectations were only in the domain of fantasy. Mr. Pencil when, somehow it comes to a cigar, hiding in dense vegetation and secretly smokes there. That’s the only answer to smoking ban that can be expected from Mr. Pencil.

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The area of forgetting in the World of Fantasy, a fantasy story, and artwork

It can a long time, for years, bury into oblivion painful events and sin from the past. Feelings of guilt cause of perpetrated – or not committed – can be repressed somewhere in do not think, the surface is then straight, concretes and colors in neutral, simple colors. Then leaves the area of oblivion, as if it did not exist. About him not to speak.
From time to time, we who were there, through the brain, spin some currents, flash that quickly extinguished. If at this point we come to The area of oblivion, we would notice how surface cracking and colors begin to darken and appear cracks. Us for years, persistent streams pass through consciousness and try to divert thoughts where we do not want it. In the area of oblivion dark blood is now spreading, hard crusts are created that will one day sure be broken. No matter when it will appear from scab demons fresh and alive as if for years they were not deeply buried in oblivion. A3 format, mix. teh., for sale

Art idea, line number 2, contemporary outsider art

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Do not travel through the forest at night, one short story

It was dusk when we approached the old forest on the way to our house. Wizard Cirilo Bum went down the road who led into the woods and headed a small path across the field, it was a long and circuitous route to our home. I followed him but I told him:
– I’m tired of walking, the path through the woods faster and before they came to the goal.
– Many times a faster way to goal is not the best – answer me old wizard – In the World of Fantasy never travel in a dark forest at night. Each night has its own might, each forest has its pitfalls and secrets, if the dark woods, darker dangers hiding.
I thought viciously at that point that Cirilo boom is not as a powerful wizard when afraid to walk the dark forest at night. As if he knew my thoughts, he continued to say:
– Be smart and implement the correct knowledge is more powerful than an empty magic. A wise man when can always walk the sunny side of the street wants to learn how to provide enough light around him and in itself. Not even the biggest do not know all the energy affecting them. To what give a chance some darkness to enter into a hidden part of our subconscious? There are many people who live with a dark dot in itself and that they are not aware of them, she slowly but surely corrupts.
I was tired from a long walk and I did not listen carefully to the words of the old Cyril because they are to me sounded like a cheap philosophizing. I walked morosely, the most important to me was to get to the goal as quickly as possible.

An unusual picture with unneeded details, outsider work

These beings, situations of the picture, I have described in previous posts. Now, when everything is visible in one place, the question arises: Why, damn it, does anyone even make such a picture? It is cheap to answer that these beings now exist and live in this material, visible world. But there is no better answer.